A new version of Easy Age Verify is now available to free and Premium users. Here’s what’s new in version 1.2.

Testing Mode Preview [Free & Premium]

There’s a new option under the “Enable Verification” setting called “TESTING MODE.” It lets you see what age verify looks like on your website while hiding it from visitors. This mode displays the pop-up window to logged in admins only.

It is best to use TESTING MODE during initial set-up of Easy Age Verify. Keep in mind that switching to TESTING MODE after age verification is running on the website means it will stop showing to visitors. 

Read more about previewing age verification.

Edit Default Text For Translation [Premium]

Easy Age Verify free and Premium comes with turnkey configurations for alcohol, adult and vape. The default text is specific to each industry and written in US English. This was a hinderance to International users.

Premium 1.2 unlocks all default text for editing.

Editable text fields:

  • Age prompt text (free)
  • Disclaimer text (free)
  • Button text (New in Premium)
  • Error message text (New in Premium)

With all required display text editable, you can translate age verify to other languages. The optional return visitor checkbox text is not editable in this update.

Learn how to edit default text

Return Visitor Display Text [Premium]

The web is constantly evolving. With tighter integration between devices cookies can sometimes sync between browsers. Our return visitor cookie previously displayed a checkbox reading:

“Remember this device.”

If a visitor using Apple devices on Safari enables this cookie, it is possible age verification will not show again when they return using other devices. To improve usability the text now reads:

“Remember me next time.”

A Few Design Tweaks [Free and Premium]

It’s a challenge to ensure front end display works perfectly across many different websites. We’ve balanced this by pulling in limited CSS styling from the user’s website –  it does use the website fonts. Most of the formatting of the pop-up is coded into the plugin. Yet a few websites were still experiencing minor issues with text alignment and padding. We’ve fixed this by adding CSS formatting to the plugin. This doesn’t impact the current display of most websites. Those that experienced minor issues will see an improvement.

  • Added CSS to improve centered alignment.
  • Improved CSS class naming to prevent conflicts.
  • Improved plugin settings user experience.
  • User experience optimized plugin settings page.
  • Optimized ADA focus highlighted so that the button is no longer highlighted until the user tabs.

Cache Busting [Free and Premium]

During our own testing of this update we discovered that the new files were not taking effect on some website due to caching. We’ve included a cache buster in the code so that when cached websites install the update the new files will take effect more immediately. It busts page cache and server cache.

  • Improved CSS and Javascript calls to add cache busting to improve plugin update changes taking effect.

This impacts plugin updates only and new features showing in your WordPress dashboard plugin page. If you edit plugin settings after installing this update, you will still need to clear page cache to see them take effect in the pop-up display. Read more about caching.

Default Opacity [Premium]

We identified a minor design bug that occurs when users upgrade from free to Premium. In the free plugin the black background is set to 85% opacity. After upgrading, it defaulted to 100% opacity. The update defaults Premium to 85% to provide a smoother transition between the free and Premium plugin.

Admin Notification Bug [Free and Premium]

This version contains an SDK update from Freemius, the platform we use for administration. Dismissing notifications now works


If your website is set to automatic plugin updates, it’s probably already done. If you update manually simply login to your website to visit “Plugins – Installed Plugins” and search for our plugin or click “Update Available” from the top menu.

To ensure all updates take effect clear any cache the website might be using after updating the plugin. Learn more about caching procedures with this plugin.

Are you using Premium yet? Here’s what you get when you upgrade.

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