Do I need marketing automation?

Marketing automation can handle marketing processes and multi-platform campaigns. Businesses of all sizes use automation to save time, simplify processes and improve ROI. It can improve the lead qualification process and generate targeted digital campaigns that can be optimized quickly.


Featured Images in RSS is the #1 plugin used with RSS email. Learn about the benefits of RSS marketing automation and ways the Featured Images plugin can be used.

Here’s How RSS Email Works

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How are publishers monetizing websites?

A blog can start as a hobby that grows into something bigger fueled by passion and expertise. When the passion project becomes a job, you’ll want to find ways to get compensated and leverage the audience you’ve built. While still providing value.

These strategies incorporate the top ways publishers monetize websites using WordPress, marketing automation, and the Featured Images In RSS plugin.

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We’ve known for some time that Google wasn’t intending to support FeedBurner, an RSS tool to capture blog subscribers. After years of stalling Google has finally reached a decision to keep FeedBurner burning and plans to modernize it. The big remodel will cut out frothy features like email. If you have email subscriber data in FeedBurner you’ll need to grab it before the June 2021 transition and find a new RSS email service. View Announcement

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