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  • Media & Enclosure Tags

    Precise image placement.

  • Use First Body Image

    For sites with no featured image set.

  • RSS Delay

    Get indexed first in search and safeguard mistakes.

  • Custom Feed Content

    Insert ads or backlinks to RSS.

  • Exclude Categories

    Hide unwanted content from emails.

  • Custom Image Size

    Define your own RSS image size.

  • World-Class Support from the U.S.

    Developers on hand to help.

The most trusted plugin for WordPress.

Featured Images In RSS solves a universal WordPress problem of boring plain-text RSS feeds. It instantly adds images to your site’s feed with various size and alignment options, which display beautifully in RSS readers and email campaigns. WordPress does not include images in feeds. This prevents marketing automation tools, like Mailchimp RSS Email, from displaying blog images.

  • No coding required
  • Easy to set-up
  • Compatible with popular services
  • Free version with no ads
  • Developed in the U.S.

Who uses it.

Bloggers us it to display blog photos in RSS readers and to port their content to outside services to drive more traffic to posts. This plugin is widely used by content marketers in Mailchimp RSS email and other RSS email automation services. Direct response marketers port content from WordPress to third party automation tools like Hubspot.  Online sellers craft clever campaigns using WooCommerce to grow repeat business.

What it does.

It’s the missing link between your blog photos and outside tools. It sends featured images from blogs or other customer post types from your WordPress website to third party automation tools. It works with any automation tool or services that uses RSS data: Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, Hubspot, Aweber, Active Campaign, Emma, Zoho Campaigns, SendinBlue, Feedly, Flipbook, Bloglovin’, Sendly and more!

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