Easy Marijuana Age Verify

Take the guesswork out of cannabis website age verification.

A simple, elegant solution to age gate your WordPress website. Get up and running in minutes with minimal plugin configuration.

  • No coding not required
  • Easy to set-up with preconfigured options for marijuana websites
  • Forever free plugin no ads
  • Upgrade 14-day Premium trail no credit card required
  • Developed and supported in the U.S.
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Who uses it.

Used by dispensary websites, smoke shops, WooCommerce and other shopping carts or online catalogs for cannabis products, marijuana growers, and content creators. Our age options and built-in messaging was designed for the United States and Canada. It can work for other English language locations with similar age restriction laws.

What it does.

Your site visitors will experience a well-designed, mobile friendly age gate that won’t trigger browser pop-up blockers. The full screen modal window uses a modern Yes/No format. Your website content is masked behind an elegant transparent window, which you can customize in the Premium version. Select options for age restrictions ranging 18+, 19+ to 21+ medical and/or recreational with pre-configured settings appropriate for each type.

Forever Free Features

Our ad-free plugin works with any WordPress Theme and does not require separate purchase of other products to work. Here’s what you get.

  • Ask users to verify their age on page load.
  • Restricts entire website.
  • Full screen pop-up window with transparent background.
  • Cannot be blocked by browsers.
  • Yes/No buttons to verify age.
  • Turnkey messaging including age prompt text, buttons text containing age, and medical/recreational error messages.
  • Options to validate 18+ medical or 18+, 19+ and 21+ recreational.
  • Error message for medical or recreational cannabis when user clicks “No”.
  • Mobile responsive for desktop and various devices with stacking and content resizing for legibility and no scrolling.
  • SEO friendly allowing bots to bypass the verification.
  • Designed to ADA compliance standards.
  • Session cookie prevents the pop-up from recurring after verification. 
  • Ability to omit logged in users like website managers and members.
  • Simple, modern, streamlined design is fast and light loading.
  • Free support through the WordPress Support Forum and plugin updates.

This plugin was launched February 2019


14-Day Free Trial
Download our free version then click the “start trial” link from your WordPress dashboard to get started. No credit card required.

Premium Features

Upgrade to a better, branded customer experience.

  • Edit button colors.
  • Edit age prompt text.
  • Add a headline or block of text.
  • Add your own logo or image.
  • Adjust window background color and transparency.
  • Enable return visitor cookies with a “remember me” checkbox.
  • Verify 18+ medical and 21+ recreational at once with pre-configured default messaging including prompt text, buttons text, and medical/recreational error messages.
  • Premium Tech Support to contact our team for individualized troubleshooting and Knowledge Base access.
  • Premium plugin updates and security patches.

Introductory Offer

Save 10% off your first month of a Monthly Plan or combined savings in the first year of an Annual Plan. One use per new customer, per domain, on single site plans. Enter code INTRO10 at checkout.


Easy one-click activation.

  • Verify Medical + Recreational

    18+ medical and 21+ recreational together.

  • Enhance Return Experience

    Remember return visitors.

  • Customize Branding

    Logo, transparency and color options.

  • Add Your Own Copy

    Add a headline and block of text.

  • Edit Default Text

    Edit age prompt text.

  • World-Class Support from the U.S.

    We’re available for questions or troubleshooting.

Get started

This free plugin is available now in the WordPress Plugins repository. It takes minimal effort to configure, just choose what age to restrict, and choose to enable verification of all visitors or skip for logged-in users. It will begin displaying to users who visit your website.

Disclaimer: While we do our best to provide age verification using the most widely used web standards for cannabis, 5 Star Plugins cannot guarantee legal compliance for any user, business or website. 5 Star Plugins is not a legal service and cannot provide legal advice. Please review your local laws and consult a lawyer specializing in cannabis compliance specific to your business for information and to ensure this plugin meets your needs.