Find out using Funnel Fail. Learn where visitors get stuck in your conversion funnel when they approach that final click… and don’t. Get deeper insights to any form and why people are not converting. Track how, where, and when users are abandoning your forms including which fields were skipped. Form abandonment tracking is a must for effective Internet marketers.

Track any form and why people are not completing or converting.

  • Safe. Secure. No coding required.
  • Easy to install to start tracking instantly upon activation.
  • Collect insightful data to optimize any shopping cart.
  • Unlock lost sales and leads by capturing partial form entries.
  • Forever free plugin for WordPress and Google Analytics.
  • Developed and supported in the United States using best practices.

Who uses it.

It’s for everyone to instantly deploy analytics events to measure the bottom of your marketing funnel. WordPress conversion tracking is used by marketers with Google Universal Analytics to track lead form submission, shopping cart abandonment, conversion forms, and email sign-ups. It works with any form, email service, CRM, contact form. You can use this in conjunction with just about any WordPress form plugin or form builders. Popular forms include Woocommerce, Shopify, Gravity forms, WP Forms, Contact Form 7, Caldera Forms, Ninja Forms, Aweber, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Zoho, Infusionsoft, Hubspot, and more. Not listed? It should work.

What it does.

It uses your existing Google Analytics to track form submission behavior. Our plugin sends form data to Google Analytics to track every form field as an event. This plugin tracks form abandonment to the form field level, firing Google Analytics events using the existing Google Analytics code installed on your site. Each form will be tracked using its ID name, with each field using the field name, and each change of the field focus fires an event to Google Analytics tracking whether the field was empty (skipped) or not (completed). Submit is tracked as a separate event as well. In Google Analytics, these events will generate stats on number of fields completed, number skipped, and submits, with percentages, for each form on your web site. You can use this for actionable insights to make intelligent decisions on marketing strategy. And, to recapture lost leads and sales.