Let us earn your five star rating. Our U.S.-based team provides expert help through the WordPress forum to free users and priority email to Premium members.

Quick answers at your fingertips.

Start out by visiting our Knowledge Base to find how the plugin works to detailed guides. 

Using the standard free plugin?

Check the forum to find answers posted by others. If you do not find answers in an existing thread, go ahead post a new one. 

Premium member?

Get one-on-one support after upgrading to Premium. Send an email right from your plugin settings page. Login to your WordPress site then click “contact us” from the plugin page to submit a “technical support” request. 

5 Star Plugins contact us dashboard screenshot for Premium plugin support.

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If this option is not available, it could mean that you have not yet upgraded or there are problems with your license. In the latter case submit a “billing issues” request using the same form.

Another way to start an email is to click the “? Help” prompt from the bottom right corner of this page.

Blesta Plugin Support

Get email support and quick answers on our Knowledge Base.

Thank you for test driving our Premium plugin. During your trial period we want you to get the plugin working so that you love it. So please, use any of the methods for support. During the trial period you will find the Premium option for “technical support” available from the contact us form. This is the route for one-on-one email support with our experts. 

Is it a bug? A bug can happen anywhere and if you come across one in our plugin we want to hear about it, and fix it quickly! Some issues are not necessarily a bug and should not be escalated as such.

A bug can be broadly defined as experiencing:

  • An unexpected or undefined error message that appears to have come from our plugin or as a result of using our plugin.
  • The plugin is working in an unexpected way or appears broken.
  • You are a savvy developer too and have discovered a security concern.

DO NOT POST SECURITY ISSUES TO THE WORDPRESS.ORG FORUM!!! Public forum increases the risk to websites using a plugin by announcing the vulnerability to bad actors.

How to submit a bug.

There is a bug submission form available from our plugin settings page.

  1. Head to your WordPress dashboard, plugin page.
  2. Click “contact us” from the plugin navigation menu.
  3. Choose “bug” from the form.
  4. Describe the concern, including the steps you took to encounter the problem, what device was used if relevant to display issues, and any other pertinent information to help our developers understand and recreate the issue. If you experience an error message be sure to copy and paste it into the description.

Blesta plugin users should visit our Knowledge Base to email support.

Please do not use the bug submission form for support on a free plugin. For questions about how to use our plugins or troubleshooting issues specific to your website please use the free WordPress forum and Premium support methods.

Start out by visiting the Knowledge Base . If it didn’t solve the problem, it’s time to reach out for help. 

Premium members: Contact our team for one-on-one troubleshooting help. Send a detailed description of the problem or what you are trying to accomplish, with screenshots or the specific error message. Start a Premium Support email by logging into your WordPress site, go to our plugin settings page and click “contact us” to submit a “technical support” request. 

Standard free users: Visit the forum for the plugin you are using. If there is not an existing thread addressing the issue please start a new one.

We are here for it. Send us a “pre-sale question” using the “contact us” form from your WordPress dashboard plugin page.

Here are common pre-sale questions.

What is your refund policy?

30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Payment types accepted?

We accept PayPal or credit/debit payment through secure online checkout. You do not need a PayPal account to complete checkout.

5 Star Plugins payments accepted - PayPal, credit card, debit card - secure payment processing McCaffee Secure, PayPal verified, Comodo secure

What is the subscription length?

Our Premium plugin license plans are monthly, yearly or for select plugins lifetime plans. A monthly or yearly plan automatically continues with auto renew billing. A lifetime plan takes a one-time payment.

What happens if my subscription expires, will I lose Premium features?

Renewal plans that are unpaid will lose access to Premium plugin features, Premium updates and Premium support. If you are on a lifetime plan your license never expires or renews.

To contact us about your billing or license issue please visit your WordPress dashboard, go to our plugin settings page, then use “contact us” and select “billing issue”. Blesta plugin users can visit our Knowledge Base to email support.

How do I end my free trial without getting charged?

If you are on a free trial there is no credit card information collected. When your trial period is over simply do nothing and your plan will switch back to the standard free plugin.

How do I cancel my plan?

Visit your WordPress dashboard, go to our plugin settings page “account” tab and click “downgrade” which will cancel future billing. Alternatively, visit your 5 Star Plugins account to end auto-renewal while keeping your plan active.

More billing FAQs

I purchased a license but it didn’t switch to Premium.

  • After upgrading to Premium you must  install and activate the paid plugin file.
  • If your website uses caching you may also need to clear your website and/or server cache.
  • If you already had the Premium plugin installed prior to completing the upgrade, visit the plugin page > account > and click sync to update the license.

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us.

More license FAQs

We want to hear them! Send us a “feature request” by visiting your WordPress dashboard and clicking “contact us” from our plugin page.