Easy Age Verify age verification pop-up window plugin for WordPress. Verify the age 18 and over for adult content. Verify legal vaping age. Check the age of website visitors for brewery websites, International spirits shops, or winery catalogs.


A new version of Easy Age Verify is now available to free and Premium users. Here’s what’s new in version 1.3 and 1.4.

Footer Display Bug [Free & Premium]

Some websites experienced a display issue after verification. The window still appeared in the footer. The bug has been fixed. We discovered the cause was a server cache issue.

Page Cache [Free & Premium]

Some websites experienced unreliable display of the window due to a page cache issue.

Freemius SDK Update [Free and Premium]

Freemius is the platform we use to manage plugin upgrades. We installed a Software Development Kit (SDK) update. This change does not impact display of age verification to websites.

Get This Update

If your website is set to automatic plugin updates, it’s probably already done. If you update manually simply login to your website to visit “Plugins – Installed Plugins” and search for our plugin or click “Update Available” from the top menu. Visit the support center for step-by-step instructions on how to update a WordPress plugin.

To ensure all updates take effect clear any cache the website might be using after updating the plugin. Learn more about caching procedures with this plugin.

Are you using Premium yet? Here’s what you get when you upgrade.

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