6 Website Monetization Strategies Using Featured Images In RSS

How are publishers monetizing websites?

A blog can start as a hobby that grows into something bigger fueled by passion and expertise. When the passion project becomes a job, you’ll want to find ways to get compensated and leverage the audience you’ve built. While still providing value.

These strategies incorporate the top ways publishers monetize websites using WordPress, marketing automation, and the Featured Images In RSS plugin.

1. Build Return Traffic 

The best content won’t perform if nobody ever sees it. Email marketing is still a top strategy to drive visitors to blogs. That’s where our plugin, Featured Images In RSS, comes in. 

Generate traffic with automated emails to let readers know about new posts. RSS triggers the email to send while the plugin delivers images to capture attention.

Planning the right email frequency for the audience and subject matter is key. A monthly newsletter is not often enough to stay top-of-mind with retail consumers. While daily email is not useful to products purchased seasonally.

2. Affiliate Marketing 

Whether you’re recommending products or part of the Adsense network, you can generate income from clicks and purchases by your readers. Featured Images In RSS Premium lets you place affiliate links right in the RSS feed using Custom Feed Content. These show up in readers and other places.

3. Ad Revenue

Generate ad revenue with banners, links or sponsored posts. Advertisers not only expect your site to deliver impressions, they expect added value. With the Premium plugin you can add RSS ads to your value proposition. Use Custom Feed Content to highlight sponsors before or after posts. 

Bonus Tip: Conversion Focused Layout

With Featured Images In RSS Premium media tags you can create conversion focused emails in Mailchimp. The RSSITEM:IMAGE merge tag lets you place the image anywhere you want, separately from the body copy. We provide a helpful custom CSS library for Mailchimp. If you don’t see what you need there, our developers can provide you with custom CSS through Premium email support.

A popular custom layout is placing the title below image.

RSS email using media tag or enclosure tag 1 column image full width above title example.

Premium Title Below

5. Paid Content

Bloggers with expertise can actually charge for their content in the form of membership, subscriptions, and paid downloads. Create actionable email layouts with Premium using big, clickable RSS photos to convert free content subscribers to paid content customers. You can set a custom image size specifically for RSS.

6. eCommerce Orders

Our plugin is designed to work with any post type that supports post thumbnails, including WooCommerce product photos. Send out new product alerts by setting up an RSS email using a product feed. Using category feeds you can segment audience interests based on past purchases. Or, create a category feed called “new products” to feature specific products for emails.

Start Using Featured Images In RSS for Free

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