Pricing Plan Updates to Featured Images in RSS Premium

Updated pricing plans for Featured Images In RSS Premium were put into effect on July 9, 2021. You will see these changes immediately in the cart including for those on a free trial period. Here’s how the changes impact current plans and what’s new.

Discounts continue to start at 20% and grow progressively with the number of sites you license. The changes expand discounts to benefit small businesses and publishers – see our new 3-site plan. Large businesses and publishers now have the option to purchase a 10-site or 15-site plan, in addition to discounts for 5 or 20 sites.

  • Plans


  • Single Site
  • 3-Site Discount
  • 5-Site Discount
  • 10-Site Discount
  • 15-Site Discount
  • 20-Site Discount
  • Monthly


  • $6.99
  • 15%
  • 20%
  • 22%
  • 23%
  • 24%
  • Total Discount Annually


  • 20% all annual plans
  • 35%
  • 40%
  • 42%
  • 43%
  • 44%
  • Best Rate Per Site/Month


  • $5.59
  • $4.53
  • $4.19
  • $4.00
  • 3.93
  • $3.91

Updated August 17, 2021


Current Customer Renewals

If you are on a monthly or annual plan your renewal will grandfather your original purchase rate. Be sure to keep your billing information current because if your plan lapses, the subscription is technically cancelled after which you would restart at the current plan rates.

What’s the Best Value?

For single site owners the best value is our annual plan. You save 20% per year or basically get 2 months free.

Multi-site owners also get the 20% annual discount. Plus, deep bulk discounts. Many small businesses or bloggers own a few domains making our new 3-site deal the best way to maximize discounts without overbuying more than you need. Bulk discounts save owners from 15% to 24% monthly, and up to 44% when combined with the annual discount.

The deepest discount across all plans is 44% on a 20-site annual license.

Single Site Plan

The base monthly rate ($6.99) for a single site and annual discount are unchanged. Save 20% with an annual plan.

3-Site Plan (NEW)

We’ve added a new multi-site discount for purchasing a 3-site license either monthly or annually. It’s the best entry point for small publishers. Save 15%-35% with multi-site.

5-Site Plan

The 5-site plan price increased to accommodate more discount levels. Save 20%-40% with multi-site.

10-Site Plan (NEW)

We’ve added a new multi-site discount for purchasing a 10-site license either monthly or annually. The mid-level option offers something between our old 5-site or 20-site plan. Save 22%-42% with multi-site.

15-Site Plan (NEW)

We’ve added a new multi-site discount for purchasing a 15-site license either monthly or annually. For a few dollars more than the 10-site monthly plan, the 15-site annual rate is a better value. Save 23%-43% with multi-site.

20-Site Plan

The 20-site plan increased to accommodate more discount levels. Annually it offers the cheapest rate per site. Save 24%-44% with multi-site.

Lifetime Plan

The lifetime license has been discontinued due to low demand. If you are currently a lifetime license holder you will continue getting plugin updates and Premium support at no additional cost.


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